The company’s sales team is equipped with qualified personal whose extensive knowledge in the field of welding, helps the customers with instant solutions. The sales team is ably supported by the warehouse and logistics team which stocks the entire range of welding consumables, required for Arc, Mig and Tig Welding.


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elga-logo elga-img
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of ELGA welding products made in Sweden. For more than 70 years Elga has been manufacturing welding consumables. Today Elga is one of the big­gest players in the welding consumables business. The company is a specialized supplier of welding consumables and work is focused on demanding customer segments and their primary needs for coated electrodes and cored wires. These core products are complemented by a range of carefully selected consumables for TIG, MIG/MAG and SAW. In addition, in-depth knowledge and quality are significant parts of the total package offered to the market. Since February 2000 Elga is part of the global group ITW (Illinois Tools Works Inc).
Gasiq-logo Gasiq-welding
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of GASIQ products.GasIQ is a Swedish manufacturer of equipment for gas welding, soldering, cutting and gas control for gas shielded welding. The products are sold under the trade name Elga Gas Equipment. GasIQ is represented through numerous local distributors in Europe and throughout the world. GasIQ operates a quality and environmental management system certified by Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance to EN/ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.
Kobelco-logo Kobelco-welding
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of KOBELCO products. KOBELCO WELDING ASIA PACIFIC (formerly known as Kobe Welding Singapore), KWAP, was established in January 1979 for manufacturing of covered electrodes, which are used in the shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore/ onshore construction for oil & gas, steel fabrication and many other industries related to steel constructions. We are also distributing a variety of welding consumables made by our parent company, KOBE STEEL LTD Japan to the local market to provide full coverage of the welding consumables. Built on the foundation of its Q.T.Q. ( Quality Products = Products of the Highest Quality, Technical Support = Suggestive-Styled Technical Assistance, Quick Delivery = Strict Observance of the Promised Date of Delivery ) management philosophy, Kobe Steel Welding Business has continuously maintained its position as the No.1 manufacturer of welding consumables and welding systems both in Japan and South East Asia
Flexarc-logo flexarc-image
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of FLEXARC welding cable products made in Italy. Flexarc is a premier manufacturer of quality wires & cables with more than 20 years of expertise in wire & cable industry. Flexarc is known for providing, innovative products, services and solutions enabling the customers to improve their quality. The company follows a model of business excellence for which it has been accredited with ISO 9001 certification. It strictly adheres to the standard quality management system outlined by national and international regulatory bodies.
Electro-heat-logo ElectroHeat-img
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of ELECTROHEAT products. ElectroHeat Sweden AB is an innovative company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has been operating since 1975. The manufactures industrial furnaces and heat treatment equipment to industrial companies all over the world. ABB, Siemens and Volvo are just some of their customers who use these heat treatment equipments. Moreover many of their products are exported to Europe and the Middle East.
vpl-logo VPL-img
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of VPL products.VPL Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (an India based ISO 9001:2008 certified company) is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing and distribution of Temperature Indicating Crayons / Temperature stick/Labels / Sensors / Liquid and Metal Markers etc. TEMPINDIC is their most popular product, used in welding and heating application across various industries. VPL endeavors to benchmark its products in the world market with highest quality and accuracy. High quality products at competitive prices, user friendliness, reliable end results and environment consciousness have set VPL Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. apart with a strong customer base in the world market.
Geotex-logo Geotex-image
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of GEOTEX products.Geotex has gained a very high reputation in the Industry for Fire Resistant Fabrics, Welding Blankets and Fire Retardant Tarpaulin which are products used in the shipbuilding, electro mechanical, fabrication, chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, aerospace, automotive and steel industries, among others. The brand is well known for supplying Fiber Glass Fabrics of various thickness (0.4mm to 2mm) and coatings, that can withstand service temperatures up to 550 Deg C, 700 deg C, 900 Deg C, 1100 deg C. Our longstanding commitment to technical know how and to research and development is reflected in the constant introduction of new products and improvement of existing products.

Geotex range of products also include Heat resistant fabrics, welding blankets, cut fire blankets, flame retardant tarpaulin, pvc flame retardant tarpaulins, welding curtain, Temperature, Neoprene, acrylic, polyurethane, welding umbrella, Welding Blanket, Carbonized Fiber, purging paper, purging film, purging tape toiles anti feu (de sauvetage), thermal insulation, molten metal splash, heat shielding, flame shielding, Asbestos-free.

Geotex products comply with many standards and approvals like EN 1869, NFPA 2112, NFPA 701, FM 4950, EN 1598

victor-logo Victor-new
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of VICTOR products. Victor Equipment was founded in 1913 by L.W. Stettner. Victor designs for welding and cutting torches and gas regulators were quickly accepted and the original San Francisco-based Victor Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipment Company grew rapidly. Victor’s safety oriented designs resulted in numerous patents and firsts including spiral mixers, gooseneck nozzles, and safety regulators. Today, Victor Gas Equipment is the world leader in gas and safety regulator equipment, providing superior quality, reliable products, and performance resulting in numerous product innovations including patented built-in flashback arrestors and check valves for torches.
Arcair-logo Arcire-new
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of ARCAIR products. Arcair is a brand of St. Louis-based Victor Technologies International, Inc., the world’s largest supplier of welding and cutting products. The brand is home of products such as carbon arc gouging systems, exothermic arc cutting systems, underwater cutting torches, welding electrodes and more. Arcair provides a complete line of air-carbon arc products for the wide-ranging gouging needs of fabrication plants, shipyards, railroads and farms.
techweld-logo techweld-new-20-10-13
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of TECHWELD products. which supplies welding and cutting products. Techweld line of items includes an extensive array of products from the basic welding tools and accessories to Gas welding, Gas cutting, Mig welding, Tig welding, Plasma cutting consumables Techweld has a complete selection of products for precision welding applications. Techweld as a company aims to provide high-value products and solutions that support the customer’s needs. The secret of Techweld’s success lies in constant interaction with the customers and continuous improvement of the quality by listening to customer’s feed back.
weldman-logo Weldman-img-20-10-13
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of WELDMAN products. Weldman Ltd is a leading supplier of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. Weldman line of items includes an extensive array of products from basic welding tools and accessories to Gas Welding, Welding PPE, Gas Hoses and Welding consumables.Weldman has a complete selection of products for precision welding applications.Weldman Ltd’s policy is to strive for continual improvement in offering quality services and products to customers. In order to stay dynamic in business, the company believes in providing solutions for the betterment of customers by staying responsive and fulfilling their changing needs.

Weldman range of products also include welding oven, quiver, portable oven, leather apron, leather hand sleeve, leather leg guard, face shield, welding helmet, welding face shield, welding hand shield, welding glass, polycarbonate glass, welding umbrella, welding cable, pvc gas hose, twin gas hose, oxygen hose, acetylene hose, argon hose, lpg gas hose, propane gas hose, earth clamp, ground clamp, electrode holder, tong, copper welding cable, aluminium welding cable, twin line welding hose, holding oven, baking oven, digital temperature oven, welding helmet with lens, welding helmet – spring type, face shield visor with bracket, welder dust cap, balacava, welding goggle, polycarbonate lens, welding boots, welding shoes, leather jacket, leather welding gloves, arc welding gloves, tig welding gloves.

sakura Sukara-new
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of SAKURA products. Sakura, Japan is a leading pigment technology expert with their head office based in Osaka, Japan. They have invented leading edge inspiring color products and Industrial products. Sakura manufactures smooth writing solid paint markers, make marking smooth, fast and easy .The markers are solid sticks of paint protected by unbreakable plastic case. They can be conveniently and cleanly carried in your pocket. The plastic case prevents the paint from drying out so it always writes easily and smoothly. The case also allows you to use the entire stick without needing a separate holder. Sukara also makes Low halogen Solid Paint markers and low halogen felt tip paint markers which can be used on Stainless steel and alloy steel without contaminating the base metal. The sakura Feltip paint markers dispenses a fast -drying, clear paint for permanent marking, lettering, coding and numbering of both interior and exterior surfaces.
AEG-New-Logo AEG-img
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of AEG POWERTOOLS products. AEG POWERTOOLS promises to draw upon its heritage and deliver exciting, high performance, innovative working solutions for the Professional trades man and endusers of today and the future. A vigorous re branding launched AEG POWERTOOLS in 2009, with its vibrant bold orange color giving the company and its products a dynamic new look. AEG Power Tools product range includes Angle Grinders, Drill Machines, Cutoff Machine, Pencil Grinder, Cordless Tools, Impact Tools, Hammers, Combination Hammer, Rotary Hammers etc.
Supron-brand Superon-new
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of SUPERON products manufactured in India. Established in 2004 and Licensed to manufacturing of international quality, superior featured Stainless Steel Wires, Welding Electrodes, Paints & Coatings, Aerosol Sprays & Specialty Industrial Lubricants, Superon’s multiple ISO – Certified manufacturing facilities, modern R&D centre and state of the art machinery & QC systems, ensure the production of world class quality products and matching /exceeding the best produced anywhere in the world today. Superon products are produced with technical collaboration with Oerlikon and Kjeilberg and has all products manufactured as per AWS (American Welding Society) Standards. The products are used in area like, Transportation, Energy, General Fabrication & Civil Construction, Piping, Process Industry, Repair &Maintenance, Ship building and offshore.
Orkon Orkon-img
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of ORKON products. Orkon offers a full line of abrasives products including bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, diamonds blades, cup brush, polishing pads, wire brushes and wheels. We have a range of products that allows you to match the performance and durability you need for any abrasives project. The Company is committed to innovation, quality, consistency and durability as well as providing the best possible service to our customers. Products include Wooden Wire Brushes, Plastic Wire Brushes, Welding Brushes, Welder Brushes, Wire Brushes for Cleaning, Steel Wire Brushes, Diamond cutting blades Flap Disc, Emery Disc, Sanding Disc, Segmented Diamond Blade, Turbo Diamond Blade, Diamond Blade for Tile &Ceramic and many more items. The company believes in providing solutions for the betterment of customers by staying responsive and fulfilling their changing needs. The certification of all operational procedures as well as the product quality achieved by ORKON is therefore self evident.
Grindwell Supraflex-new
Foreshore Technical LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a supplier of SUPERAFLEX products. Supraflex Grindwell is manufacture of Abrasive disc as per OSHA, EN and international standards. We develop and produce high quality grinding, cutting and polishing products for our customers, many of whom are global leaders in manufacturing and commerce. Providing superior quality products (complying with ISO 9001: 2000 standards) and service at competitive prices has led to our rapid growth. Supraflex stocks over 20 abrasive items including: Coated Abrasives, Surface Conditioning Products, Resin Bonded Wheels, Carbide Burs, Wire Brushes and Vitrified Wheels. We believe in providing solutions for the betterment of our customers by staying responsive and fulfilling their changing needs.

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