Sakura solid marker

Posted On 30 October, 2013

This marker is a low chloride and low halogen solidified paint formula ideal for environments where corrosion and metal fatigue are a concern. Low Halogen Marker contains less halogens (Br, Cl, F, I) and metal ingredients (Zn, Pb, Hg, Cu, Fe, S) meeting RDT F-7-3T requirements and is certified non-toxic.

The handy applicator features an easy twist-up mechanism that keeps paint ready to use. The paint dries quickly in minutes, is waterproof, fade and chemical resistant.
Working temperature range of -40° to 212° F (-40° to 100° C), and is recommended for clean, dry surfaces. Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous
surfaces. Possible applications includes use on stainless steel, petrochemical and refineries, energy power plants, desalinization plants, transportation infrastructure and aerospace. Documentation concerning low chloride and low halogen content, and MSDS sheets are available upon request.